20 – 78.000 Hz/ 0,2 – 188 Db 1992–93 | life-size sculptural reconstruction of the upper parts
of whale’s heads
materials: blue STYROFOAM SP, plywood, stainless steel INOX
dimensions: w. 160 x h.60 x l.220cm (w.63“, h.28“, l.87“), 107x162x253cm (w.64“, h.42“, l.100“)
dimensions: 98x 65x247cm (w.65“, h.39“, l.98“)
Collection: City Gallery Prague
installation: exhibition Jiří Příhodasculptures Chateau Troja, Prague City Gallery 2016
installation: Behemot Gallery, Prague 1993
installation: exhibition space of the La Laiterie, Strasbourg, France, 1993
installation at the La Laiterie studio, Strasbourg, France, 1992–93