Event II. (Klein Bottle) 1991–92 | constructed shell–like object curved through
Klein’s bottle principle into a no-obverse and no-reverse surface
materials: aluminum sheet, plywood
dimensions: w. 122, h. 390, d. 295cm (w. 48“, h. 157“, d. 116“)
collection: National Gallery, Prague, Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art
installation: exhibition Jiří Příhodasculptures Chateau Troja, Prague City Gallery 2016
“... Klein Bottle, topological space named for German mathematician Felix Klein, obtained by identifying two ends
of a cylindrical surface in direction opposite that is necessary to obtain a torus. The surface is not constructible
in three-dimensional Euclidean space, but has interesting properties, such, being one-side, like Mobius strip;
being closed, yet having no 'inside' like a torus or a sphere ...” (encyclopedia „New Britanica“)
installation: National Gallery, Prague, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art – Trade Fair Palace 1995–99