PŘÍHODAsculptures Chateau Troja, Prague City Gallery, 1.4.– 30.10. 2016 56
RK 2014–16 | an architectural object built in the occasion of the Jiří Příhodasculptures exhibition,
for the Trinity installation, 2016 – one-to-one, painter’s copy of the central part (450×450cm – 15’×15’) of the ceiling fresco in the Grand Emperor’s Hall at the Chateau Troja, suspended over the center of the interior of ARK (225cm –7,5’ above the floor)
August 23rd 1993 1993–94 | life-size sculptural reconstruction of the Chrysler Building gargoyless 10
to Connect the Sky with the Earth, 1986–88 | drawings and photodocumentation of the three–part installation constructed for attempt to induce lightning to Havel’s Hill near town Batelov, Czech Rep. 03
Sculpture Park | photodocumentation of objects, which were realized in years 1985–88 in vicinity of the Castle Rostejn near town Telc, Czech Republic 02
Event II. (Klein Bottle) 1991–92 | constructed shell–like object curved through Klein’s bottle principle 07
INTERSTELLAR [02:37:33] 2017 | “a la fresco” painting of the scene from the 02:37’:33” movie image frame of the INTERSTELLAR movie (Ch. Nolan, 2014) 54
20 – 78.000 Hz/ 0,2 – 188 Db 1992–93 | life-size sculptural reconstruction of the upper parts of whale’s heads (Sperm whale, Minka’s whale) 08
mPod, 2015–16, | model of a habitat (pod) for planet Mars
materials: OSB boards, polyurethane, 360 s HD videorojection of a 360° panoramic view into the Mars landscape dimensions: w. 500cm, h. 320cm, d. 650cm (w. 17’, h. 10’, d. 22’)
HELIX 2015–16 | horizontally orientated void baroque helix in between two halls of late baroque style Chateau Troja in Prague, which is used as an exhibition venue of the City Gallery Prague 53