FERRY 2009–12 | Ferry Revival over the river Ohře at Kadaň. At the site of the original Ferry
on the Ohře river, which had been removed during WW II. in the town of Kadaň,
I installed a new Ferry as part of the riverbank revitalization 2008–11.
The Ferry is cast – life-size of half of a Sperm Whale head – from colored fiber glass
with steel armature. w. 225, h. 90, l. 420cm (w. 90”h. 26”, l. 165”)
The pole (with an arm for weight, reminiscent of a harpoon gun) of the Ferry towing mechanism
with a steel cable is attached to an opposite rock at a height of 5m (15ft.).
The distance between the pole and the rock is approx. 83m (250ft.).
Ferry vessel – life-size of half of a Sperm Whale head
Studio views with the first cast of the Ferry November 2010