HERMITAGE 2014 | Coastline Dwelling I. for dwelling in between land (mountains) and water (sea)
and in seclusion
materials: in vacuum glued sandwich panels (stainless steel, extradurated foam, galvanized sheet), glass, steel,
wood, plywood, LED lights, felt
dimensions: w. 732, h. 732, d. 488cm (w. 24’, h. 24’, d. 16’), ca. 30cm (12”) over ground
fabrication: Variel, Zruc n. Sazavou, Czech Rep.
installation: ArtHouse – DesignBlok’14, Colloredo–Mansfeld Palace, Old Town Prague, 2014
installation: exhibition Brno Art Open’15 – House of Arts Brno, Castle Spilberk Brno, Czech Rep.