NOTION ... 2003 | The sculptural depiction of God, according to the notion of a woman
who has been blind since birth. No one, aside from the sculptor, has ever seen the statue.
It has been placed in an utterly dark space, which is to be entered by only one individual
at a time with no light or camera.
materials: steel profiles, drywall, black velvet, carpet, resin “Lukopren”, plywood
dimensions: w. 600, h. 420, l. 900cm (w. 20’, h. 24’, l. 30’)
installation: Moravian Gallery Brno, 2003
Dear Visitors,
Due to the description of the project above, it is forbidden to take photos of the object or to make it
visible in any way. Please do not enter the room with cameras or any other possible resources of light.
Taking photos and or video-recordings of the statue and entering the space with another person is
prohibited. To do so will be considered a vandalization of the artwork and may cause closure
of the exhibition.
Thank you for your understanding.