STAR WARS 1997–98 [movie theatre version] | movie theater projection of 90 min. modified
version of the film “Star Wars“ Episode IV. (G. Lucas 1977), which shows only the background
of the film images without any action
materials: wood, hardboard, dry-wall, fabric
dimensions: movie screen 180x120cm (w.6’, h.4’), movie room w.500, h.320, l.850cm (w.17’ h.11’ l.28’)
installation: exhibition Close Echoes, Kunsthalle Krems, Austria, 1998
STAR WARS 1997–98 [TV set version] | TV set adjusted for a topological version
of the Star Wars movie 1997–98
especially adjusted TV set with reverse video-projection within (type of TV set mass-produced
during the 90’s), only for playing of the Star Wars’ topological versio
STAR WARS 1997–98 [LCD panel version]
Objectual 3D variations of a movie screen (3:4 format) with an adjusted LCD panel (3:1 format) 24